Self Care Club Aberdeen
Self Care Club Aberdeen

Care Cabin

Here she is: your Care Cabin.

Inviting. Calming. Comforting. She's here to give you a 'bosie' after a long day or set you up just-so for your day ahead. A safe, tranquil haven. All to yourself.

/ cosy consultation chairs / heated bed / facial steamer / natural vegan products / textures for days /

This is a holistic only zone.

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Self Care Club Aberdeen

It was just like having a bosie.


The best facial I've had and I've had a lot!


I think I drooled. I'm pretty sure I was purring too!


I wasn't asleep but I wasn't awake either, not quite in my own body.


I still felt relaxed after rushing to my son's football game.


Sorry, I think I fell asleep. That was amazing!


The most at peace I have felt in a long time. My anxiety was really bad today but I am so glad I pushed myself to come. You are top notch!


That was so good! I think that's my favourite treatment of yours.


Your best one yet! I almost fell asleep!

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\ care that focusses on the health of the entire body + mind, not just parts of the body \ where the whole person is treated, rather than just parts \ intuitive \ focusses on wellness \ balances body, mind + spirit \

"the whole is greater than the sum of its parts" - Aristotle