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What is Reiki? It is the transference of high vibrational healing energy through Practitioner's hands, accelerating the body's natural healing ability + often gives insights into the cause of a problem. Physically, it can effect change in the chemical structure of the body by helping rebalance organs, rebuild tissue + reduce pain + inflammation.

Can Reiki cure my condition? Reiki does not replace traditional medical treatment. A Reiki Practitioner will not diagnose nor prescribe. Reiki can be used in conjunction with traditional medical treatment or on its own. It is a holistic therapy and works on emotional, physical, mental, energetic + spiritual levels.

Can I have Reiki just for relaxation? Yes! Reiki can offer a state of deep relaxation and a sense of peace, often leaving you with an increased sense of wellbeing.

Are you certified to practice reiki? Yes, I trained in Reiki 1 (Shoden) + Reiki 2 (Okuden) with the lovely Elizabeth Harley in Moray. Reiki 2 is the practitioner level. My Certificates are displayed in my log cabin where I perform treatments and are also available upon request. I also hold the relevant Practitioner Insurance and have a Code of Ethics that govern Reiki practice, a copy of which is also available upon request. I also hold an Organic Skincare Business Diploma.

Are the products you use vegan and cruelty free? Yes, any treatments that involve products are certified vegan and cruelty free and always will be. These products are also safe for use on children and pregnant women.